Saturday, 23 August 2014

Best Marijuana Investments

                                Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis Stocks have shown some of the biggest percentage gains in the market

Marijuana is going to be a huge growth industry with lots of profits to be made, but that doesn’t mean you buy a hyped up weed-related Cannabis Stocks that has no revenue, no earnings and probably just changed its name and stock symbol so that the stock could go up on hype and insiders can sell their worthless shares to you. It’s a Cannabis Stocks company with no sales or history of sales and earnings that’s going to do it.

The Best Marijuana Investments is off to a great start in 2014 with rising momentum for the prospects of legalization in the United States that are enticing stock market investors. Decriminalization bills are in progress in more than 20 different states and the federal government just announced it will no longer prosecute marijuana possession in states that already have loosened their laws.

Medical Marijuana Inc made an acquisition that was at the time viewed as forward thinking and a game changer. In the hopes to control a patented delivery system for THC infused gum products, MJNA entered into a joint venture with Canchew Biotechnologies.

The agreement allows Medical Marijuana Inc to control and license Dixie Botanicals, a division of Dixie Elixirs and Edibles that focuses solely on hemp derived CBD products. Dixie Holdings, the parent company of both Dixie Elixirs and Edibles and Dixie Botanicals, agreed to sell all of their outstanding holdings and interest in the Red Dice Holdings partnership and then purchase back all intellectual property and brand marks for their Dixie Elixirs and Edibles from Red Dice Holdings.

Click this website for medical marijuana stocks. This move shows some savvy strategic vision for both Dixie Elixirs and Edibles and Medical Marijuana Inc. As the move is truly a win win for both companies and allows them each to go back to their primary investors with good news. Dixie Elixirs is now able to focus solely on their popular line of THC infused drinks and edibles while handing off all Hemp derived ventures to MJNA.

Overall, MJNA is what we consider as our the safest play in Cannabis Stock Picks to watch and buy in 2014 in the marijuana stock market.

Check this Website for The stock market is moving along strongly in 2014 and a surprising trend is being seen – marijuana stocks are soaring. With the legalization of marijuana, the companies that legally sell and grow this substance are seeing their stock prices soar. Thankfully, the industry is still in its infant stages so investors have chosen many penny stocks to buy in this sector.

Penny stocks to buy

In January alone, Visit Website for one marijuana company’s stock grew over 800 percent. With this in mind, the stock is still priced low enough to be in the penny stock range. Those that choose to invest in the company can reap profits all year long. Let’s take a look at the top penny stocks to watch this year.

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